Suzan Fete is the 2022 Betty Awards Groundbreaker!

Is the 2022 Betty Awards Groundbreaker!

Milwaukee Magazine’s annual Betty Awards honors our late publisher, Betty Ewens Quadracci, who inspired, led and changed the lives of women in our community and beyond. These awards will recognize women in seven categories who exemplify particular characteristics of Betty.

Suzan Fete; Photo by Aliza Baran
Suzan Fete; Photo by Aliza Baran

“It started to dawn on me that women weren’t given the same opportunities as men,” Fete says. “My friends and I, we decided – as you do when you’re young – that we could start our own theater.”

Suzan Fete

Suzan Fete is the 2022 Groundbreaker, a woman who treads boldly where few have gone before. Through Fete’s leadership and vision, 30-year-old Renaissance Theaterworks is a thriving company committed to telling stories written, directed and performed by women. Herself a theater director, Fete has also created a festival – called BRINK – devoted to emerging theater artists, further impacting the theater community in Milwaukee and beyond.

"When Suzan Fete started Renaissance Theaterworks in 1993, she was 34 years old, working as an ICU nurse and pregnant."

“It’s hard to feel seen if no one knows your story,” says Fete. “History is determined by who decides whose stories are told. … Over time, it affects the culture of the whole country.”