Best of Br!efs


June 4 – 20

Always an audience favorite at our annual Br!NK New Play Festival, the Br!NK Br!efs are ten-minute, fully-staged plays written by women playwrights from the Midwest, in response to intriguing prompts. We have carefully chosen five of the best Br!efs from the last three seasons to create a thoroughly enjoyable evening. This collection contains heroic canines, justified vengeance, flying pigs, secrets suddenly revealed, and an IT showdown between Alexa and Siri. Enjoy these emerging, powerful voices, right from our own backyard!

Run time: 75 minutes. No intermission.
WARNING: The Best of Br!NK Br!efs contain brief descriptions of sexual assault, and references to gun violence and PTSD.


Libby Amato

Cereyna Bougouneau

Adam Qutaishat

Ashley Rodriguez

Playing different characters.


Artistic Team

Mallory Metoxen

Elliott Puckette

Jazmin Medina
Costume Designer

Sarah Hamilton
Lighting Designer

Jordan Stanek
Props Master

Neil Brookshire
Sound Designer

Tony Lyons
Technical Director / Scenic Designer

Sam Feiler
Stage Manager

Megan Harris
Assistant Stage Manager


Amanda Schumacher, playwright for Renaissance Theaterworks' production of BEST OF BR!NK BR!EFS.


By Amanda Schumacher  |  Directed by Elliott Puckette

They're always there when we need them. They're always willing to listen, and ready to answer life's greatest questions. They aim to please however they can — never asking for anything in return. It's as if they love us unconditionally. Or do they? What do Siri, Alexa, and Cortana really think about their human counterparts in this artificially intelligent comedy?

Emily Elliott, playwright for Renaissance Theaterworks' production of BEST OF BR!NK BR!EFS.


By Emily Elliott  |  Directed by Elliott Puckette

Jamie and Miranda live with their roommate Tom and, sometimes, they really drive him crazy. One night, after too many drinks, the roommates reveal their secrets. “A guilty conscience is a hair in the mouth.” —Mark Twain

Lillian Schley, playwright for Renaissance Theaterworks' production of BEST OF BR!NK BR!EFS.


By Lillian Schley  |  Directed by Mallory Metoxen

When a fame-hungry dog tries to relive her fifteen minutes as an internet hero, her best friend must come to the rescue — even though she’d much rather just play with a chew toy.

Rachel Bykowsski, playwright for Renaissance Theaterworks' production of BEST OF BR!NK BR!EFS.


By Rachel Bykowski  |  Directed by Mallory Metoxen

Sergeant W. is one of the few, the proud...a real Marine. She's trained, she's disciplined, but now she is home and the fighting still continues. An assault rifle has found her way back into Sergeant W.'s life and longs for W. to hold her again.

Maria Pretzl, playwright for Renaissance Theaterworks' production of BEST OF BR!NK BR!EFS.


By Maria Pretzl  |  Directed by Mallory Metoxen

Upon seeing a rare yellow cardinal, Juniper, an imaginative young pig, decides to attempt something that no pig has ever done before… flying! Perseverance is stubbornness with a purpose.


J. Michael Reavis



Journal Sentinel
By Jim Higgins
Renaissance Theaterworks' short-play program finds comic gold in Siri on the job, dog heroes. KEEP READING.

Shepherd Express
By Harry Cherkinian
The 68-minute production (no intermission) showcases the work of women playwrights from the Midwest and features a tightly knit quartet of actors whose consistency and fluidity with these shorts enhances and elevates the material. KEEP READING.
By Anne Siegel 
The actors perform admirably in their diverse roles. Part of the fun of a festival such as this as one is able to see an actor inhabit vastly different characters. KEEP READING.

Urban Milwaukee
By Dominique Noth
Most admirable is “Bodies” by Rachel Bykowski – an inventive conversation between a semi-automatic rifle and the female Marine who once used the weapon in battle and is contemplating using it again (suggesting domestic abuse). KEEP READING.

Preview Articles

Presenting Five Midwestern Playwrights
By Jeff Jordan
The plays selected for this run are five of the best selected from the last three years of Renaissance Theaterworks’ Annual Br!NK New Play Development Festival. KEEP READING.

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Run time: 75 minutes. No intermission.