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Always an audience favorite at our annual Br!NK New Play Festival, the Br!NK Br!efs are ten-minute, fully-staged plays written by women playwrights from the Midwest, in response to intriguing prompts. We have carefully chosen five of the best Br!efs from the last three seasons to create a thoroughly enjoyable evening. This collection contains heroic canines, justified vengeance, flying pigs, secrets suddenly revealed, and an IT showdown between Alexa and Siri. Enjoy these emerging, powerful voices, right from our own backyard!

In the Theater: June 4–20
Streaming: June 11–30

28th season
Theater by women for everyone

We are proud to be Milwaukee's only women-founded, women-run,
professional theater company dedicated to promoting
the work of women onstage and off.

The hierarchizing of men’s stories over ours can be downright dangerous (…) If women’s stories aren’t given equal weight in popular culture, then women’s stories in, say, a Senate confirmation hearing, are too easily dismissed as dubious, minor, inconsequential, confused.

Rebecca Gilman, American Playwright

2020-2021 sEASON
What Really Matters



At the Theater (limited seating): June 4 – 20
* COVID-19 safety guidelines will be strictly followed. *

Streaming option: June 11 – 30


We do not hold any open auditions but we attend the annual Milwaukee General Auditions. We also accept headshot and resume submissions to [email protected].

Renaissance Theaterworks Anti-racism statement of action

On June 1, 2020, in response to the systemic and inexcusable racial hatred and violence against Black people in our country, Renaissance Theaterworks created a Statement of Solidarity.

Today, September 15, 2020, we have created a Statement of Action.
Because actions speak louder.

We believe who gets to tell the story matters.
And that at its best theater reflects our world back to us.
Our whole world. All colors, all abilities, all identities.

We acknowledge the legacy of racism and racial exclusion in theater.
We resolve to contribute to a just and equitable future for all.
We pledge to dismantle and disrupt systemic racism in our theater community.

Systemic change must be enacted through long-term far-reaching commitments.
This action plan is a living document to be amended as we learn and grow.
To this end here is our list of action steps.

In this spirit, Renaissance Theaterworks commits to:


Renaissance Theaterworks in 2020: a time to innovate and reimagine.

Renaissance Theaterworks: 28 seasons of "Theater By Women For Everyone".

In crisis, we turn to art to help us make sense of the world. But how could we continue to bring theater to our audiences during a pandemic? After reimagining our 2020-21 season nine times, we have learned a great deal. We learned that we are more resilient and creative that we ever thought possible. We learned that, no matter what the future holds, we will never stop telling the stories that will make you feel more, think harder and laugh louder.

Most importantly, we learned that we would have never made it without you. Cheers to you, our community of theatergoers and supporters!

Renaissance Theaterworks

Renaissance Theaterworks' mission is to create moving theater that connects with our shared sense of being human. We are dedicated to artistic excellence and to promoting the work of women onstage and off.

improving gender parity
Think Beyond the Black Box

Since 1993, Renaissance Theaterworks has been a local leader in providing opportunities for women theater artists both onstage and off. We have mounted over 100 full productions and staged-readings. Among these are:

  • Nine original works by Wisconsin playwrights
  • Seven World Premieres
  • One North American Premiere.

We have told many women’s stories and provided opportunities for over 700 theater professionals — 75% of these have been women.

Today, we remain Milwaukee’s only women-founded, women-run professional theater company dedicated to improving gender equity in the arts. Dedicated to promoting the work of women onstage and off, we create professional theater that connects with our shared sense of being human. We produce moving, intimate, thought-provoking theater.

Think beyond the black box to the bright future of Renaissance Theaterworks as we embrace what's ahead in our 29th season of Theater By Women For Everyone.

on the move

We're on the move!

We are eager to announce that we are permanently moving our performances to 255 S Water Street, sharing our home with Next Act Theatre, starting June 4th, 2021 with our final show of the 2020-21 season, THE BEST OF BR!NK BR!EFS. Welcome to our new home. We can't wait to see you!

"We are excited to seize this moment and embrace the demand for more opportunities for the community to experience Renaissance Theaterworks."

~Lisa Rasmussen, Managing Director